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  • Are your employees underperforming and disengaged?
  • Is turnover disrupting workflow and productivity?
  • Feeling pressure and concerned that your job is on the line?
  • Is your team lacking cohesion?
  • Experiencing presentation or speech performance anxiety


The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality.— Max Dupree, Leadership is an Art

Dr. Megan Neyer, performance coach, Olympian, and founder of Neyer Performance Strategies helps you define reality and focus your energy by:

Developing leaders

  • Coaching and personal mastery
  • Effective feedback
  • Goal clarification
  • Aligning individual and organizational goals
  • Succession planning – deepening your bench

Implementing effective hiring systems

  • Assessment of eligibility and suitability factors 
  • Job analysis, design and description
  • Behavioral interviewing

Teambuilding through activity-based exercises and simulation

Communication skills and conflict resolution training

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