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  Perform On Purpose: Applying Olympic Tools for Optimal Performance™

  • Learn the tools of Olympic athletes to dramatically increase productivity and help you achieve Olympian results.
  • Garner the sources of energy that enable world-class performance.
  • Apply the concepts of full engagement and mindfulness to common work situations to produce the process and results that you want.


Navigating the Paradox of Leadership

  • Increase your mental flexibility so that you have a greater range of options in any situation.  See “panoramic” solutions vs. “telephoto” ones.
  • Navigate the conflicts and contradictions that you encounter in your job.
  • Learn to identify whether an issue is a problem to solve or a situation to manage.


Leveraging Talent for "Choose-to" Performance

  • Learn how to maintain or increase the level of employee motivation without relying on raises and promotions.
  • Increase productivity even in the face of decreasing budgets.
  • Deal with employees in ways that are important to them.

Getting the Right People On the Bus

  • Learn techniques for making the right hiring decision between several seemingly qualified candidates.
  • Make certain that your hiring decisions pass the legal test.
  • Take the single most effective step in solving retention and performance problems:  having the right person in the right job.


Creating Successful Project Management Teams

  • Learn the essential factors that contribute to successful collaborative project relationships.
  • Develop communication and team-building skills that enable leading through influence rather than authority.
  • Understand the role of personality styles on group efforts.
  • Learn how understanding emotional intelligence can help create successful collaborative relationships.