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  • Learn the tools of Olympic athletes to dramatically increase productivity and help you achieve Olympian results.
  • Garner the sources of energy that enable world-class performance.
  • Apply the concepts of full engagement and mindfulness to common work situations to produce the process and results that you want.

Performing at an optimal level is a constant pressure in today’s competitive workplaces.  “Corporate athletes” require precision and stamina in their performance just as elite athletes do.  The mental skills of elite athletes transfer easily to the challenge of high performance in the workplace. The well-established tenets of sports psychology and physiology, combined with insights from world-class competitors, can guide leaders, managers and employees to optimally perform in business environments. Managing our four main energy sources -- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – is critical to performance optimization.   

If we have low clarity or a weak recovery system in any of the four energies then we will be less efficient in meeting our demands and ultimately less effective as leaders and managers.  This will, in turn, impact our employees, since leaders are the energy stewards of the organization.  Important reasons to learn more about this include personal sustainability, engagement, turnover, and productivity.  The cost of health care to companies continues to rise – $150 billion dollars a year is spent on stress related illnesses/claims.  75-90% of outpatient visits to physicians are stress related.  This can lead to employee disengagement/absenteeism, loss of productivity and turnover, and is very costly to organizations.  The mental skills of elite athletes can be used in the workplace to aid in demand clarification, focusing, and recovery in order to be more productive and less stressed. 

In this seminar, performance consultant and Olympian Dr. Megan Neyer teaches these tenets, share stories of the Olympic journey, and coaches participants in “performing on purpose.”