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 Unsure of what academic or technical trade route you might want to pursue after high school? 

  • Newly graduated but still not clear about what types of jobs will lead you in the direction you would like to go for a career? 
  • Unfulfilled in your current career or work environment and ready for a move towards more meaningful work?
  • Wondering when you are going to figure out what you are going to be when you grow up? (whether you are 18, 38, or 50!)

A career coach provides clients with knowledge, support and feedback to successfully navigate academic and career issues. The coach educates clients on the strategies, tools and resources available to decide on a career path or transition to a new one. The collaborative journey begins with an analysis of the client’s current situation, and then includes: 

  • Assessment of the client’s interests, personality, motivation, work and task preferences and values. This information will be discussed and career goals and objectives will be established. 
  • Researching and selecting a major for undergraduate study or graduate school.
  • Researching and selecting an occupation. 
  • Developing job search tools including a resume, cover letter, and job interview preparation.
  • Establishing a path for making a career or job change. 
  • Evaluating opportunities for additional job training and education Identifying barriers to career movement and success and addressing them as needed 

Working with a career coach can provide the structure, objectivity, and feedback to help you make informed decisions and implement them so you can enjoy your work life throughout the course of your career. 

"You really helped me at a key point in my life and I have been immensely happy professionally ever since you helped me get clarity about spending my time on the things that gave me the greatest joy." - Male, mid-40s career focus shift

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