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FOCUS on the PROCESS and the RESULTS take care of themselves…


Dr. Megan Neyer is an Olympian and World Champion, and is professionally trained in performance and health consulting.  When the right processes are in place, the possibility of achieving desired outcomes becomes endless.  Neyer Performance Strategies specializes in individual, team and organizational performance.

Are you…

…an organization struggling with a lack of productivity, excessive turnover and leadership issues?  Dr. Neyer has devised a leadership mastery program that includes individual and executive team development using proven assessment tools, coaching, and workshops, to empower and educate leaders to unleash excellence so they can achieve organizational goals.  But first, you must have the right people in the right jobs at all levels of the organization.

…an athlete or performer who trains hard, but gets anxious and loses focus in competitions and performs poorly?  Dr. Neyer’s proven energy management system gets athletes and performers effectively focused on their own process that enables them to perform up to their abilities.

…an individual who is uncomfortable doing speeches or presentations, feeling overwhelmed by being pulled in too many directions, considering a career shift or struggling with a challenging health issue such as cancer or autoimmune disorders? Dr. Neyer can help you reduce your stress levels and explore options for creating a healthy and more fulfilling life. 


About Dr. Megan Neyer


Dr. Megan Neyer knows about world-class performance and what it’s like to try to live up to very high expectations…. … I am passionate about helping people perform to their highest level, and part of that is teaching them how to get out of their own way. Using insight, vision and compassion, I combine my personal experience as a world-class competitor with my academic knowledge and professional experience to help clients achieve their desired results. Performance is relative across arenas, and the principles of performance excellence are transferable from sports to organizations. I enthusiastically collaborate with leaders and coaches to enable them to bring out the best in their people in order to accomplish organizational goals. 

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