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When coaches perform well, athletes succeed. — Dr. Megan Neyer
  • Are your athletes performing great in practice and then blowing it in competitions
  • Are you feeling pressure and concerned that your job is on the line?
  • Is there something lacking in your team cohesion?

Neyer Performance Strategies helps catalyze your performance through:

  • Mental skills training
    • energy/anxiety management
    • attention control
    • imagery
    • goal setting
    • pre-competition planning
    • post-competition evaluation
    • Teambuilding
      • activity-based exercises that teach and facilitate effective communication and conflict resolution
    • Coaching the coach:
      • Individual sessions in which we will develop your own performance program to help you optimize your coaching skills and enable you to manage coaching challenges more effectively.

"Coaches train bodies Dr. Megan trains minds.

As an Olympian and World Champion diver, Dr. Megan Neyer is the consummate performance consultant who has literally “walked a mile in the shoes” of today’s competitors. As a university and club coach as well as a college administrator, I have encouraged athletes from various sports that struggle with competitive readiness, to seek her sage counsel.  Dr. Megan’s empathic counseling style has been well received and incredibly helpful to her clients.  She fully understands the challenges of success, both on the way up the mountain, and the fight to stay at the top. 

Her 25 years of applied experience allows her to quickly assess concerns and “mental game” weaknesses. She provides practical solutions that can be honed both in training and competition.  However, she always enables the athlete to make decisions about implementation. With permission, she also works with coaches to create a synergistic approach to success. I have personally watched athletes quickly go from one level to the next after only briefly working with her. She is a professional with a passion to refine an athlete’s mental readiness and I frequently recommend her to those wanting to enhance their competitive edge."
             - Coach, administrator for D1 university

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