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Getting the Right People On the Bus

  • Learn techniques for making the right hiring decision between several seemingly qualified candidates.
  • Make certain that your hiring decisions pass the legal test.
  • Take the single most effective step in solving retention and performance problems:  having the right person in the right job.

“The ability to make good decisions regarding people represents one of the last reliable sources of competitive advantage, since very few organizations are very good at it.”  Dr. Peter Drucker

Hiring right the first time saves time, money, and increases retention and performance.  In this seminar, performance coach and Olympian Dr. Megan Neyer provides a step-by-step process for making employee selection and placement decisions, beginning with determining the knowledge, skills, and personal characteristics that are required for successful performance in the position.  Then candidates are measured against these requirements, using validated employee selection processes and tools.  The process enables managers to get the right people on the bus — taking a big step toward improving performance throughout the company.  And because the process produces a legally defensible selection system, it dramatically lowers the company’s risk of legal challenges.