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  • Intense anxiety paralyzing you when giving a speech or presentation?
  • Feeling overwhelmed because work and home life are pulling you in too many different directions?
  • Considering a career shift because your current job/career is unfulfilling?
  • Having difficulty focusing and think that you might have ADD and you want to learn how to focus better?
  • Dealing with a challenging health problem such as chronic pain, cancer or an autoimmune disease?
  • Weight loss efforts have failed in the past and you keep sabotaging yourself by bingeing?
  • Experienced significant loss in your life because of death, divorce, a job or a relationship ending?

Sometimes we are prevented from achieving our goals because of life circumstances or barriers within ourselves that need further exploration in order for us to get out of our own way. And to do that, it might require a deeper look in order for us to gain the insight, skills, and support necessary to move forward. I provide a safe environment to help you reduce your stress levels and explore options for creating a healthy and more fulfilling life. I use an integrative mind-body approach, along with a variety of assessments and techniques to help you learn more about yourself and help you reduce your feeling of being overwhelmed so you can get more focused on what really matters to you. 

Learn more about two of these techniques:

Neurofeedback – Neurofeedback is exercise for the brain. Just like you use physical exercise to train the heart to respond quickly and efficiently to demands placed upon it, neurofeedback teaches the brain to regulate itself in order to more effectively meet the mental, physical, and emotional demands on life, and will increase your resilience. Learn more  

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) – Emotions such as fear, anger, and grief can negatively affect us long after the original event that caused them. When our body fails to let go of these emotions, we can find ourselves with unexplained aversions, self-sabotaging behaviors, destructive beliefs, phobias, and even chronic physical problems. We use NET to identify and help you release the “stuck” emotional patterns. Learn more