Perform on Purpose:  Applying Olympic Tools for Optimal Performance

  • Learn about the soruces of energy that support motivation and optimal performance.
  • Learn how to apply the concepts of "full engagement" and "mindulness" to common work situations to produce the results you want.
  • Find out how the mental skills of Olympic athletes enhance productivity and help you achieve world class results.

Performing at an optimal level is a constant pressure in today's competitive workplace.  "Corporate Athletes" require precision and stamina in their performance jst as elite athletes do.  The mental skills of elite athletes transfer easily to the challenge of high performance in the workplace.  The well-established tenets of sports psychology and physiology, combined with insights from world-class competitors, can guide leaders, managers, and employees to perform optimally in business environments.  Focusing, handling stress and employee engagement are critical issues in organizations. Leaders are the energy stewards of the workplace. Learning how to manage the four main energy sources -- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – is critical to performance optimization. In this seminar, performance consultant and Olympian Dr. Megan Neyer teaches the tenets of performance optimization, shares stories of her Olympic journey, and coaches participants to “perform on purpose". The concepts of energy efficiency are as relevant to humans as to buildings, as optimal performance is a function of effectively integrated systems both within the individuals themselves and within the organizations in which they work. 


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