Are your employees underperforming or disengaged? Is employee turnover disrupting workflow and draining resources? Is there something lacking in your team's effectiveness and cohesion?

Neyer Performance Strategies provides an array of solutions that help leaders maximize the potential of their organization through our proven workshops and results oriented consulting. Our areas of expertise include:


Athletes and coaches... are your practices going great, but your competition success is lacking? Is performance anxiety and pressure preventing success? Do you or your team fear injury, failure…or even success? Is your coach or team making you crazy?

Dr. Megan Neyer, Olympian, World Champion and founder of Neyer Performance Strategies can help you reduce your anxiety, prepare for success and catalyze your performance through her highly successful performance coaching sessions including the acclaimed Perform on Purpose Workshop.


Are you unsure of your career path?  Do you feel constant pressure that your job is on the line? Are you anxious when you have to make a speech or give a presentation?  Neyer Peformance Strategies can help you select and clarify your career path, develop a performance plan

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