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  You Say You Want an Evolution...Three Tips for Creating Successful Change

In the immortal words of John Lennon, “You say you want a revolution” because it is a way we can create change in our lives.  But “revolt” is at the root of the word revolution, and that’s usually what we do within a couple of weeks of making a new year’s resolution.  We start working out, our muscles get sore, we eat only “good” foods (which usually means depriving ourselves of eating or drinking some of our favorite things) and voila, the revolt is on in no time flat.  Those great intentions, and you, are out the door in two weeks or less. 

If 2016 is going to be a year when you become more of the you whom you’d like to be, then that means taking an evolutionary approach to change.  Once you have an outcome in mind, the next step is to have a good process in place for getting there.  The difference between dreamers and achievers is that the achievers have a process in place that is both proactive and reactive.

In Alan Deutschman’s book Change or Die, he found that most people go about trying to change based on Facts, Fear, and Force.  Your doctor says to you, "The facts are you’re 50 pounds overweight, you have high blood pressure and this could kill you.  So start working out, get on a diet, or plan out your will."  You feel “forced” into making a change.  That might work for a couple of weeks until the fear subsides, you didn’t die, and that couch and those chicken wings and beer seem like a perfect combo for the Super Bowl on into March Madness. 

But in reality, successful change is a result of the 3 R’s: Relationship, Repeat, Reframe.  Getting into a RELATIONSHIP with someone you trust such as a friend or a coach, is the first critical step.  Then, once you have a plan put together, REPEAT the behavior.  Repeating the behavior over and over again, without thinking about it (beyond knowing what to do and how to do it) will help you REFRAME your thoughts about WHY you are doing it.  Getting past that first month of a new behavior is critical to helping you view it differently. 

This is where the Niki slogan, Just Do It, can be useful.  Don’t think, because you’ll just come up with excuses.  Meet the trusted person at the gym, do the workout, go home and eat a good meal, and then turn your brain back on.  If you can “just do it” for a month, then you realize you feel and look better, your new habit is a part of your lifestyle, and you will reframe your thoughts on why you are working out and eating better.  It’s not because you are afraid that you’re going to die, it’s because you feel much better while you are living.

And about that plan: It doesn’t have to be a fancy one – it can be merely getting your body in motion for 10 minutes, or 20 minutes, or 30 minutes, you decide what your minimum is.  Go for a walk, or get on the treadmill, or march in place in your living room, or bounce up and down on your fitness ball.  Sometimes I’m not up for that hour and ½ workout.  I’ve started to incorporate my BTN plan - Better Than Nothing.  10 (or 20, or 30) minutes is better than no minutes, so I get in motion for my minimum amount of time.  Sometimes I do more, sometimes I don’t.  If we at least do our minimum, then that is better than nothing.  Then the person you want to evolve into being will be the person who you are.  

It’s always such an honor to be a part of someone’s successful change. Partner with me to start your evolution. click here

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